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Good character Blackguard but i think you misunderstand how the magic works, Per magic level you get 10 magic points which is your magic pool and one spell. You spend your magic points in combat each time you wish to cast a spell so im going to use Mordred as an example.

Mordred Von Drakenblood is a level 2 Wizard: 20 Magic Points, 2 Spells.

He Casts Invocation of Nehek in battle, costing him 5 magic points so his Total of 20 goes down to 15.

So you will need to drop one of your spells to be a legal level 1 wizard.

Also The Obsidian Blade, The Enchanted Shield and Talisman of Endurance already comes to a total of 95 Points of your magic item allowance. As you are only a Vampire your maximum magic item allowance is 75 points. So you will need to look at your magic items again.

My dear Rems.

For now i intend to keep Players as champions of the army so they can get stuck into battle more without having to worry about ordering their troops around and means you are more likely to interact with each other instead of nameless faceless skeletons. Later on though you will get troops when you start storming castles and in battles of ridiculous size. Its a good thing i have the Storm of Magic, Monsterous Arcanum and Throne of Tamukhan books to use along with all Brettonian, Wood Elf and Beastmen army books?

I designed Oldbloods so that seeing as they cost 350 points they only have 150 points left for their options. If they spent all 125 points in their vampiric power section then they would only have 25 points for mundane and magic items. While if they spent 100 points in magic items they would have 50 points left for vampiric powers.

The bonus of being an oldblood is your better stat line and more access to the higher end level of Vampiric Powers such as Master of the Black Arts(which if you are a Necrach oldblood makes you evil as you then have 70 magic points to use when fighting.) while also comining a few other options.

Does anyone else have any more questions? And yes you can join if you want Khorne Forever.

Also here is an Example Character sheet, though ive skipped appearance, personality, background.

Name: Rakarth the Undying

Homeland: The Empire

Gender: Male

Age: 400 Years old.

Appearance: ---------

Personality: -------------

Background and History: -------------

Blood Line: Necrach

Vampire Level: Oldblood - 350 Points

Magic Level: Starting Level increased by +1(35 Points). Wizard Level 5. (50 Magic Points)

Vampiric Powers:

Master of the Black Arts: 70 Points (+30 Magic points, know all spells from lore of vampires.)

Forbidden Lore: 30 Points (Know all spells from the Lore of Death).

Wargear, Equipment and Mounts: Hand Weapon, Light Armour, Channeling Staff: 15 points(+10 magic points).

Total Character Cost: 500 Points.

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