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Character Creation: You each have 500 points to spend on your character and please follow the character sheet below.

Name: Klous

Homeland: Bretonnia - Montfort Province

Gender: Male

Age: 221

Appearance: Stands approximately 5'10" in height. When he was turned he was in above average physical condition with broad shoulders. Although one could tell that his muscles were wiry instead of bulky and that his muscles seemed to wrap around his bones rather than grow around them. This has given him a rather lithe looking build that does not immediately deleiver intimidation. His dark blonde hair as seen began to fade to a white(ish) color, though this may simply be his own doings.

Personality: Thoughtful is the best description to give Klous. Since he became a vampire he has long pondered what exactly he was meant to do with the curse. He is a consumate tactician who looks before every weakness weather it is in single combat or large-scale battles. He seeks to find the peak of bloodlust and in that moment hope to find a way to control his own cravings. Most of the time he is curt and polite but always searching for weaknesses.

Background and History: Klous was a Knight of Bretonnia, one clad in iron armor and destined to serve in one of his lord's many armies. He fought in a number of campaigns and wars primarily focused on the Beastmen and Orks which occassionally roared from the forests or charged down the mountains. He sated his bloodlust early in his military life, approximately around the age of 25. He claimed he saw a vision from the Lady and set out to become a Questing Knight. For years he went around Bretonnia, the Empire, and even Albion attempting to quest in the name of the Grail and smite the many evils of the world he saw around him.

Finally he was directed to a small chapel dedicated to the god Ulric and within found a simple priest, called Krale. He had come to this chapel to because he had, had a run-in with a fledgling vampire in Albion and he found himself nearly killed by the creature. Now his soul burned for vengeance upon the creatures. The old priest promised him he could help in the situtation and would teach him all he knew. He went out on a number of quests, not all of them as righteous as he would have desired. He murdered merchants in their homes, massacred peasants believed to be involved with vampires. He killed a fair share of the monsters. Each time the priest asked him exactly how things went and what he had learned and the weaknesses in himself he had discovered.

After his final trail he returned to the priest. He was bloody and wounded. He could barley walk and his blade was cracked in a number of places. He had slain a true Vampire, not some fledgling, not some cult of fools nor a petty pack of ghouls -- but a true vampire. Krale asked him how it felt, to which he answered he felt only emptiness in his soul for upon slaying the creature he found not satisfaction. Krale smiled, for the first time since he met Klous and revealed his fangs.

He wasn't able to stop what happened next and he was soundly beaten with little effort, the vampire sinking its teeth into his neck even as he cried out in anguish. He awoke to find Krale standing over him, and he could already feel the effects of the vampire poison coursing through his veins. He was congradulated for his successful completion of his trials and therefore granted immortality. It was the last time he ever saw Krale, who promptly walked out of the chapels crypts. When he completed his transformation he murdered the Ulric priest he found kneeling before the altar but found it wasn't Krale. He never saw him again.

He wondered the Empire and Bretonnia for years, even made an expedition into Kislev. Constantly the bloodlust haunted him and he found himself sinking into madness more and more every day. Over the years he found contacts that were vampires, well after his hatred of his kind ebbed away with the realisation that he could never go back to his old life. He worked for a number of lords and ladies, from Albion to Bretonnia and beyond. He attempted to sate his bloodlust in battle and did his very best to attempt to conceal himself and his true nature from the world. He often fought as a solitary knight, fully encased in armor and rarely speaking. At other times he merely observed the moves and sublties of the court through shadows in the rooms or from hearing the machinations only dare spoke about during the night-hours. He could never become a Grail Knight, this he knew, but he could still kill with a sword, with his hands, he could still fight and gain glory.

Even if such glory would earn him only hatred and damnation in the eyes of the very people he sought to impress.

Blood Line: The Blood Dragons

Vampire Level: Vampire (265 points) [Options Taken: Heavy Armor Replaced by Full Plate Armor - 15pts and Lance (Mounted Only) 10pts]

Magic Level: 1 (Spells: Invocation of Nehek 5pts and Aspect of the Dreadknight 5pts]

Vampiric Powers: Dread Knight [20 Points]

Wargear, Equipment and Mounts: Bloodmourne [Obsidian Blade - 50pts] , Bulwark of Nightmares [Enchanted Shield - 10pts] , Befouled Lady Amulet [Talisman of Endurance - 35pts] , Hellsteed [40pts], Krale's Journal [The Book of Arkan, 20pts]

Total Character Cost: 490 pts

I'm fairly certain I've made a number of errors. Please point them out to me and I will correct them.

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