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Originally Posted by Desolatemm View Post
I wish they had gone with an internal service tied in with their website and your GW account. A browser based system where you can buy books to add to your account and open them online, nothing downloadable. This would require internet access to view your books, but it would allow you to use ANY internet device. It would be secure because files are not being downloaded. The site can tell if your logged in, so multiple devices cannot be logged on at the same time.
This is exactly what I was thinking. As long as you can print off the needed pages for gaming this would be perfect. With the right plugins it could all be web based or they could develop an application, though I'm not sure GW would go that far. Not sure I would pay for access to armies I don't play, not enough Lamborghini money sitting around, but still, being able to at least buy what I needed would be perfect. Monthly subscriptions could be useful if you could just buy one for a release month to get to know the new book so you know what to expect too.

Originally Posted by TheKingElessar View Post
I find that strange, desolatemm, because most players I know buy at least every other codex, afaik, and personally I have bought, since 5th came out, 6 of them.
I've bought two and neither since 5th came out

Though I do get bits and pieces of the books I play against. Never get a short game with any of my friends though oddly. Oh well.
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