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Originally Posted by TheKingElessar View Post
I find that strange, desolatemm, because most players I know buy at least every other codex, afaik, and personally I have bought, since 5th came out, 6 of them.
5th edition was out for how long? 4-5 years? so 6 codex and a rule book over 4 years is still about $60 a year, same as $5 a month, and lets just say you are on the top end of the average. That means everyone below that amount is paying more than they would have spent otherwise (like myself). I strongly believe it would flatten out into a profit. Then the people who usually buy EVERY codex would be happy and get their content for a better price. Meanwhile a new-comer would have access to every armies rules and fluff and get into the hobby and the game much easier. You can can learn the rules for the different armies and that would facilitate faster and smoother games for new comers.

Created a poll here: How many codices have you purchased in the past 5 year?

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