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Originally Posted by The Son of Horus View Post
Ugh, I've wanted an Ipad since the things came out, but I haven't had the cash for one (woe is me, the college student, whose monthly income is...well... yeah.)... and this just is one more thing that I'd love to have an ipad for.
^My relationship with tablets other than the iPad^

How I feel about this announcement on the other hand...

GW does a lot of things that put me off. But hell, obviously I play Warhammer.

Apple is, as far as I'm concerned, more deserving of censorship than profanity or pornography. This is unsettling for me, as GW, someone who only annoyed me up to this point and had a core product I enjoy, has formed an unholy alliance with a company that I fully expect to announce a merger with the Gods of Chaos any day now.

Disclaimer: Hyperbole

If they made it available for other tablets I would be less horrified. Optimally, I'd love to see them make straight PDFs of their books, although this would be redundant with what's already lurking in the corners of the internet...

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