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You should upgrade the big uns with extra hand weapons to a savage orc big uns. They are much better with the savage orc ward save and the extra attack as biguns. I would combine the orc units into one larger horde uniit with savage orc big unts and save soem points.

The lvl 4 is naked. He should either have the lucky shrunken head or the talisman of preservation. and dispel scroll and/or some other stuff.

One idea to save points is to run a very cheap night goblin BSB. If you hide him in a unit behind the orcs (where only the flanks and rear are exposed and the BSB can be hidden in the middle of the front rank), then the bad moon banner is a good choice to make that unit stubborn, count as dangerous terrain and in soft cover.

I'd even consider two night goblin shamans.

I prefer the doom diver to rock lobba. Two doom divers gives you a good chance against high AS and tougher units.

I like the 3 wolf chariots unit, 2 manglers, and 2 pump wagons. Be aware that a player with realy cheap chaff units with simply march into and blow up the manglers and an army with decent shooting will try to take out the pump wagons and wolf chariots.

Love the squig herds (under-rated) and trolls. I sometimes run trolls in much smaller units to flank protect but try to keep within range of BSB and general if they are run. Single trolls actually make good redirector/chaff units.
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