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Default 2500 Points O&G

So with a few key purchases I can throw together this list, what do you all think?

Da Scabby Eye Night Goblin and Gouged Tusk Orcs Tribes

Orc Warboss - 191 pts
Great Weapon, Armour of Fortune, Crown of Command

Orc Great Shaman - 200 pts
Level 4

Goblin Warboss - 126 pts
Light Armour, Giant Wolf, Sword of Anti Heroes, Enchanted Shield, Dragonbane Gem

Orc Big Boss - 134 pts
Battle Standard Bearer, Great Weapon, Armour of Destiny

Night Goblin Shaman - 75 pts
Dispel Scroll

29 Orc Boyz - 223 pts
Shield, Mus, Std

22 Orc Big'Uns - 218 pts
Extra Hand Weapon, Mus, Std

49 Night Goblins - 212 pts
Spears, Shield, Nets, Mus, Std
3 Fanatics

5 Goblin Wolf Riders - 60 pts

5 Goblin Wolf Riders - 60 pts

Squig Herd - 150 pts
15 Squigs, 10 Night Goblins
6 Trolls - 210 pts

3 Goblin Wolf Chariot - 150 pts

Goblin Doom Diver Catapult - 80 pts

Goblin Rock Lobber - 85 pts

Mangler Squig - 65 pts

Mangler Squig - 65 pts

Pump Wagon - 60 pts
Spiky Roller

Pump Wagon - 60 pts
Spiky Roller

Total Point Cost 2499

The Shaman and BSB join the unit of Big Uns and stand in 'reserve' as a counter attack unit. While the General takes the unit of Boyz with Choppa's and Shields to give the anvil a bit of damage output with his Great Weapon.

The Gobbo Warboss is deployed in front of the Trolls (who are palced first so that I can identify which unit has the flaming banner) and charges headlong into them to mitigate the flaming attacks thanks to his ward, I'm thinking about giving him an alternate set up to make him more survivorable.

Goblin chariots I tend to deploy individually but write as a unit of 3 as I'm essentially a lazy bugger. I am happy with how the army looks on the shelf but am a little concerned, do I have enough combat blocks or have I gone overboard with the amount of chaff and suport units on the table.

Essentially do I have enough Boyz or have I gone overboard on toys?
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