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Having played a couple of games yesterday and today I realised that the list was not as balanced as it first seemed so have made the following edits

Great Shaman - 300 pts
Orc Great Shaman, Level 4, Fencer's Blades, Talisman of Endurance, Crown of Command

Big Boss - 124 pts
Orc Big Boss, Battle Standard Bearer, Great Weapon, Armour of Fortune, Ironcurse Icon

Shaman - 75 pts
Night Goblin Shaman, Dispel Scroll

Boyz Mob - 230 pts
30 Orc Boyz, Shield, Mus, Std

Boyz Mob - 242 pts
23 Orc Big'Uns, Extra Hand Weapon, Mus, Std, Standard of Discipline

Night Goblin Mob - 222 pts
44 Night Goblins, HW, Shield, Mus, Std, Nets

Wolf Rider Mob - 60 pts
5 Goblin Wolf Riders, Spear, Shield

Wolf Rider Mob - 60 pts
5 Goblin Wolf Riders, Spear, Shield

Squig Herd - 150 pts
15 Squigs, 10 Night Goblins

Goblin Wolf Chariot - 50 pts

Goblin Wolf Chariot - 50 pts

Black Orcs - 270 pts
20 Black Orcs, Mus, Std, Banner of Eternal Flame

Rock Lobber - 85 pts

Doom Diver Catapult - 80 pts

Total 1998 Points

I have lost both of the spear chukka's, as much as I like them I feel that I either need to take more (5-6) or none, I also lost the additional crew on the chariots and dropped the spears on the Boyz.

With the points I added a NG Shaman with dispel scroll (Purple Sun'd in a game that wasn't IF'd but failed the dispel roll, it hurt. Bad) I also through a few more gobbo's into the tarpit to use up the additional points and gave the squig herders another rank of NG's as they exploded very close to my lines, which was funny but not all that effective
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