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It is a fun list. My older son (21) likes to run orc arrer boyz units. They are clearly not optimal relative to cheaper night goblin archer units and savage orc big uns but are a fun unit to play. I have run a smaller orc arrer boyz unit just as a finishing unit when something has a wound or two left on it or to protect the war machines from light scout and flying units.

I would recommend adding doom divers, they are so much more accurate and potent than the war machines you have. I don't think you need a second shaman. One or two cheap night goblin shamans e might be a fun alternative to teh lvl 2 shaman. Also, mangler squigs are better in pairs and with snotling pump wagons and chariots to provide target saturation. A single mangler is vulnerable to being shot up or someone running something cheap into it and having the mangler blow itself up.
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