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Default Selly's Plastic Glue

Has anybody else discovered this amazing glue?

I was running out of glue so i called up my dad while he was out and asked if he could find any at the shops and this is what he returned with


You take the "Primer Pen" run it along what ever your gluing (both pieces), then apply a small amount of glue to one of the pieces (you only need a tiny bit), press together and it bonds nearly instantaneously!

I even dropped a small part down a set of stairs (i was carrying a Skyray in one hand, coffee in the other and a spray can under my arm....) but despite falling all the way down nothing broke off. (Not sure how larger models would fair though)

I'm not sure if this is available in the US, UK or where ever you may live, but if it is, I strongly recommend buying this, bonds fantastically and strong, no messy glue strings coming off it and it's about half the price of GW glue and will last you the same amount of time. (assuming you don't leave the pen out to dry)

The only downside to this i can see, is if the pen cannot reach where you need to glue for what ever reason, because without the primer pen, it won't stick at all, in fact i got some on my fingers and it pretty much reduced the surface tension to 0.

(P.S I am in no way associated with Selly's)
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