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Originally Posted by GrizBe View Post
As I pointed out... the rumors I mentioned as being wrong ORGIONATED with BoK.

Yakfaces correct interpritation is edited in at a later date, and completely different to the 'accurate' rumor as given by BoK.

Also, I point out many times, BoK has copied his correct rumors from Harry, days after Harry has already posted them.

Seriously, if your gonna critises someone, learn to read. I'm just pointing out in one instance with the Necrons as an example how BoK has taken credit for others work, and how everything he's started himself as being true and correct has been wrong.

Your 'C'tan aren't out of the codex' Comes weeks after his inital 'they're gone completely claim', and days after reliable people have already pointed out they work now as their new shard forms.
Just out of interest:

What are you going to Do/Say if this all turns out to be on the mark?

Going by experience with this... 'Rumour Monger' is all good and well but you have made your point. Repeating it seems a tad... silly.


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