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Originally Posted by Zion View Post
Either way the rumors weren't all bad sounding, even if the rest were bollocks. Being able to choose powers right before deployment would have been a good way for psykers to get more mileage in tournaments. Either way with the prediction of July being the release of 6th edition it shouldn't be too much longer for us to wait to see what we're really getting.
Pffft. Psykers have PLENTY of versatility and utility already. Wolves take Rune Priests all the time. Librarians are the only good generic BA HQ. Librarians feature pretty commonly for SMs and GKs too, who are ALL psychic ofc. Farseers are commonplace. Most of the better Nid MCs are Psykers. It's DE, Orks, BTs (of course!) DA and again, obviously, Tau who don't use them - even IG have Psyker Battle Squads. [Do Sisters still count as an army?]
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