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Originally Posted by GrizBe View Post
Which, if you'll read... The compilation sites BoK as its source... as noted further down with his 'previous necron rumors' links that all link back to his own site.

Also, the first big rumor on that link if you'll note is his 'The entire army gets a shooting attack that kills all units that are the same as the one attacked' rumor... which was wrong.... when other were already acrediting that to Trayzn's Close Combat Empathic Oblitarator.
The compilation here at heresy had rumors from a large number of sources, all jumbled up together. I guess we can attribute them to Harry too then and call him a liar?

And right under that first explanations there's a second one that's more sensible. He's giving two explanations but you only cared to cite the first one. And he never said the entire army gets a shooting attack with that effect.

The article is right there and you can't even be arsed to read it right, or you're just half-quoting on purpose. Every time I look one one of these so-called errors on his part I see the opposite.

C'tan shards are out? He said, when criticizing the compilation here:

The C’Tan aren’t out of the codex and Immortals aren’t troops because of a Lord… they just are.
This is hopeless. I'm filing everything you say as mostly incoherent ravings
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