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Default Eldar Pathfinder Shimmer cloak (ideas)

hey guys, question for all the painters out there I've recently stripped my Rangers to paint them up in my new craftworld colours, I'm having the normal colours on the armour but i want the cloak and rifle to look dark. On the cloak I don't want a normal camo scheme for it, Eldar should have something that surpasses what we think of camo today... SO, I'm looking for a shimmer effect to put on the cloak using either grey/purple/blue/green (maybe not all of them together), I want the cloak to give the illusion that it could shimmer and bend the light that touches it to obscure the rangers from view.

I have some rough ideas of how to do it but I can't think of anyway of how to achieve that type of effect on the cloaks (I'm sure it's possible though). so if anyone has any idea of how to end up with that type of effect, or any links that can direct my towards a tutorial I would be very grateful.

... on a side note, paints wise I have access to quiet a few Vallejo Model colour, and every Game colour in their range if that helps picking colours/shades/whatever.


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