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Default Mortis Engine conversion

Having decided to build the Coven Throne, for fluff reasons, I find the parts for the Mortis Engine intriguing and too good to waste. Then, I saw, again, the Watcher in the Water LotR model, and an idea was born!
I feel like I could put the Mortis Engine bits on top of the Watcher (with some GS to make it look like the stuff is growing out of its back/has been magically grafted on), and add the Necromancer plastic model. This would also fit my fluff quite nicely and look well cool. Now for the actual modelling question, rather than me just showing off that I think I have an imagination...
Will the scales of the models fit, or will it look totally out of whack? Ideally, I'd like the Watcher to be the monstrous beast it's supposed to be, but I don't want to buy the stuff and find it would look ridiculous, specially if the Necro's model will be far too big (the other way around would be better, but I don't want an Epic-scale-looking Necro!). So, is there anyone out there who has experience in the mixing of scales to advise me? Cheers.

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