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Originally Posted by Dicrel Seijin View Post
I like the old beakies. I also have an old apothecary, but mind is on a bike.

The ork looks good. Snakebite? I do find that I have less issues with black primer when I'm painting up my orks. As for the drybrushing the trousers, I find that if I'm a bit too enthusiastic, the trousers wind up looking like acid-wash jeans. Successive washes of Badab Black and Devlan Mud (or whatever their new names are) help blend it back.
I really like the old marines, I remember between a few friends we couldn't really afford them so we combined our money and bought a box of them and split them up. There were some disputes over who got the sergeants

The Orc was actually meant to be Goff but I haven't added any of their distinctive identifiers, guess I should. Thanks for the tip, will give it a go.

Originally Posted by Varakir View Post
Indeed it is, just remeber you need Brown Dettol - not the green stuff from those adverts which try to convince you that everything must be sanitised or you will die

Very nice progress with the painting! I wish i still had my first minis for a comparison.
Aye, I found the brown stuff, I'm now torn to weather I should leave them as is as a reminder though.

I looked at your salamanders which was the first figure I posted, very nice! Id be proud if I cold get near that level.
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