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Well, itīs been a while since I posted any pictures but I havenīt really been slacking of lately, First of is the Warlock that I entered in this months painting challange.

Iīm pleased with how he turned out, and it was actually alot mor going on in that model then I first thought, All in all a fun model to paint

And I have also started on a unit of slaves, not the normal slaves you see in a Skaven army though, I used Night Goblins instead of rats. I donīt really like the idea of using other rats as slaves so my clan just uses captured gobbos as slaves instead. and in gives me something else to paint rather then skavens

I love theses dudes, they go fast to paint and the turn out really fine, the shields iīm specialy pleased with, the brown could use a little extra something though, just not sure what..

And lastly I thought I should show you my giant rats, since you get a ton of these in alot of the skaven boxes I see a lot of these in my future horde I also tried putting a bit of dead grass on the bases to break up the Black/White a bit, please let me know If this is something I should continue with, I canīt really decide...

There, thatīs all. It became a bit of a pic heavy post but see that as me making up for not shoving you anything for a long time

C&C are as always welcome

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