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IF I walked into a store and always had to play someone of comparable skill lvl how would I ever get better?

I love playing against better players, I have played from Toledo OH to Tampa FL, and after every match win or lose be and my opp almost always talk about what either of us could have done differently or better...

This thread was about a STORE, not a CLUB. The Store wants to know what people want from a STORE/ARENA, some of the issues being tossed around in this thread maybe solved if you distinguished the 2.

What I look for in a Store is open space and designated spaces. Meaning, typically in the USA we have Card Floppers and Miniature gamers playing in the same store. I like to see an area and set of tables for each that are separate and appropriate for the match (card tables for Card games, 6x4 for Minis).

Also I would like to see a variety of terrain multiple types/scenery also varying sizes. So that it could be used in 40k, Fantasy, Malifaux, Warmahordes. The varying sizes are important for this because the 3x3 or 4x4 skirmish games want lots of terrain but smaller base sizes, imo.

Also as said before, drinks and snack are a money maker. Specially if you enforce no outside drinks or snacks. This way you can mitigate the 64oz Big Gulp falling over and soaking the carpet... cause you only sell bottles with screw on caps... You could still allow carry out meals in store, but not drinks.

The final thing I love seeing is product. Lots and Lots of product, blisters, boxes, bits, everything related to the major hobbies in the area. I am much more inclined to buy something if there is more to see, "hey look they have a xxx, hmm if im getting this i need that to go with it or might as well get some of those..."

Just some ideas on a game store...

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