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Originally Posted by TheKingElessar View Post
Players should be doing that themselves, it shouldn't be up to staff to hold your hand.

Some of us possess social skills.
And allot don't, not everyone is confident enough to ask for games, especially new players or nervous players, or perhaps players with difficulties

Or are you going to tell me they don't exist either, or its all there fault or because of planet alinement its not an issue

And archon stop acting like a complete cock with the kick in stones comment, its pathetic when gamers say pathetic things like that, you would NOT be man enough to do it, and neither would anybody else, and if you want to do it just because I want to help in some way then you are the most pathetic inbred group of people I know.

I think I've seen the problem, everyone here is assuming a gaming group us entirely made up of experienced, adult or older teens who are socially adept, si basically none of you live in the real world
You don't want an easy system to help find new gamers that is basically optional
You don't want new nervous gamers to join in
You want shy timid people to be left alone in a corner
You don't want people to improve

It can work, especially in a new enviroment, we have the same down here although its all in peoples heads, but that's because the club has been going for donkeys years
We have a staffer who looks after all the new bloods
We have seperate staff who look after the 40k players and fantasy players
We have staff that look after the historical and alternative games

When a new person joins the group they are directed to these staff and they talk to them and gauge who best to put them up against

It's Jo different, just without the paper, but that's because we've done it for years, with no complaints from the 30-40 even 50 people who are regular

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