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Originally Posted by VanquisherMBT View Post
6:Dan: painting skill has nothing to do with elitism, keeping track of it and encouraging players to improve and paint more means they get more done, but it can help in some gaming situations as I have seen allot of new players put off playing there grey plastic against GD quality armies, its just another way staff silently observe to help.

Painting skill on it's own is not elitist; it was the context of your post as I have qouted below. Players being nervous about their painting ability is why my group advertises that we don't care if you don't paint. So long as it's assembled you can play. Some people would rather just play and not paint. People who want help can ask.

7:Dan: if you took a soft list to help a new player your ranking would not go down, because as I keep saying the staff would be observing, they see you helping they praise you and if you constantly help you become relied upon as a gamer who can help, but also be competetive when required, you get the best of both worlds

That's perhaps the first thing you've said that makes sense.

8:Dan: as I said its not up to players to get involved, that is the point in the staff, they step in and instead if being vigilantes as they are want to do (and allot truly believe they are even outside in the real world) you report the problem to the staff who are there to deal with it in a none disruptive manner, perhaps pulling them to one side, having a quiet word, and maybe directing both players to mire suitable opponents

In the real world, people have to solve their own problems. The staff should not have to babysit teenagers and adults. My gaming group manages itself. In fact, the store staff looks to us if prospective new gamers come in. We essentially advertise and show off the product and answer questions. And we're happy to do it and get some fresh players. We can explain the systems better than the staff anyway as they don't play.
Originally Posted by VanquisherMBT View Post
What would be some basic rules? (i don't want to come and play against grey plastic or poorly done models, a set skill level system would be nice so people are put against equals in all things)
So just because you don't like unpainted or even poorly painted models, you'd refuse to play somebody with them. That's what is elitist. Painting certain models is also more difficult than others, so ranking equals is difficult across armies.

Originally Posted by bitsandkits View Post
Maybe you should give us the name of your club so the OP can contact them for some tips
I don't think he wants to share with us. Must be afraid we'd waste our time, energy and money going down there to personally kick him in the stones.

Originally Posted by TheKingElessar View Post
Players should be doing that themselves, it shouldn't be up to staff to hold your hand.

Some of us possess social skills.
Thank you!

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