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Originally Posted by VanquisherMBT View Post
And you would be right to do so, because my whole idea is that YOU fill it in so that you can be directed to players of equal skill SHOULD YOU SO WISH to help organise games that could be considered more balanced and of better benefit to you, it would be YOUR CHOICE TO AGREE OR NOT, nobody is forcing you, its a helpful little aid.
To quote you from earlier in the thread:
Originally Posted by VanquisherMBT View Post
It isn't hard to implement skill levels, we manage it down here easy enough by having a experienced club member track there progress, both in how much they paint/quality of paint, and how they progress in games, how much they learn, how they implement what they learn etc etc, and communicating to the other club runners on this persons progress to better help them improve
Running some kind of wargaming Stasi keeping files on your members to track various metrics and determine how they fit into the hierarchy of the club is, frankly, a little creepy and weird, even by the standards of wargamers.

That aside, you seem to be expecting that you'll have so many gamers flocking to your club that you'll be in a position to divide them up into all these subcategories based on skill levels and preferred gaming systems and gaming attitude. The majority of games clubs I've been involved with barely had enough players of all skill levels to cover one system (which usually ends up being 40K), never mind a whole range, and while Birmingham isn't exactly short on gamers, its not exactly short on existing clubs for them to play in. What exactly is going to attract in these diverse crowds of excited gamers to your club and away from their existing gaming groups?

Your optimism is commendable, but it seems rather like you're deciding on what colour wallpaper to put up in the spare bedroom before the house is even built yet. If you manage to pull off some massive coup and every gamer in Birmingham shows up to play, then great, but all these plans and subdivisions don't mean jack if gaming night rolls around and you only have three people show up.
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