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Originally Posted by MidnightSun View Post
So you don't even have to fill it in if you don't want to? Doesn't that defeat the point of having it in the first place or is it just me?

You don't need to go through a whole 'is this guy competitive or not' malarky for that. Just ask what armies they play when they turn up, and then put their name and army into a database. Just 'Chaos' or 'Grey Knights' or 'Khador' or 'Orboros' etc. , you don't need to post up lists or what the person's like.

You don't need staff to find you some gaming buddies - you should be able to do that yourself.

Who are these people? I don't think I ever said anything about signing a questionnaire equating to someone controlling my life, or indeed about the system being based upon the staff 'controlling my gaming practice'. TKE? Dan?

1: its part of the registration form so it would be filled in anyway
2: yes you can see what armies they play, but it helps you avoid certain types of play, so you could have
Bob: casual
Mike: competetive/casual
Jim: competitive
Now that means a casual player knows he can play bob or mike, and the staff can guide a player who knows neither to them, while a competitive gamer can post mike or Jim and also be directed to them, its called H E L P I N G.
3: why are you so fixated on translating my statement of "it helps the staff guide you in the right direction SHOULD YOU DO WISH" into "the staff WILL AND MUST organise your games and there decision is final"

When you register for a club, your putting your name, address, phone number any medical issues you have on a piece of paper, does it really cause you so much grief and grind your gears so much to write down what gaming systems you play, and if you competitive or casual, just to be used as a tool IF YOU SO WISH, to direct players of similar interest to you?, does it personally offend you so much that this info may be used to find you a new gaming buddy?
What if somebody was organising a tournament and you had no idea about it for whatever reason, don't you think this info could also be used to inform you?

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