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Originally Posted by VanquisherMBT View Post
And you would be right to do so, because my whole idea is that YOU fill it in so that you can be directed to players of equal skill SHOULD YOU SO WISH to help organise games that could be considered more balanced and of better benefit to you, it would be YOUR CHOICE TO AGREE OR NOT, nobody is forcing you, its a helpful little aid.
So you don't even have to fill it in if you don't want to? Doesn't that defeat the point of having it in the first place or is it just me?

Originally Posted by VanquisherMBT View Post
It could also be useful in directing you to players who play other systems
"hi I have my prussian dystopian wars fleet, does anyone here play the system?
*staff checks paperwork* "indeed, come with me and I can introduce you to 2 guys we have who play it"
"oh wow cheers"
You don't need to go through a whole 'is this guy competitive or not' malarky for that. Just ask what armies they play when they turn up, and then put their name and army into a database. Just 'Chaos' or 'Grey Knights' or 'Khador' or 'Orboros' etc. , you don't need to post up lists or what the person's like.

You don't need staff to find you some gaming buddies - you should be able to do that yourself.

Originally Posted by VanquisherMBT View Post
Unfortunately some people seem to think the whole idea is so your life and gaming practice can be controlled by outside influence completely
Who are these people? I don't think I ever said anything about signing a questionnaire equating to someone controlling my life, or indeed about the system being based upon the staff 'controlling my gaming practice'. TKE? Dan?


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