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You are deliberately misunderstanding us.

It is not the job of the staff to arrange games for players, or to police players' skill levels. It is the responsibility of PLAYERS to deal with undesirable elements within their group. If you have such a noobslayer try to beat on the inexperienced, then the other players should take him to one side and tell him such behaviour is unacceptable. If he persists in his bullying, then the players should ensure he has a lot more difficulty getting games, intervening if they see him behave inappropriately.

Eventually the tool will learn that he needs to learn to take others' feelings into account, and basically play nice with others - it's a lesson EVERYONE should learn, at some stage in their lives...the number who haven't, especially in our niche hobby, depresses the hell out of me.

Staff members should NEVER prejudice things by taking sides.
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