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New player comes to club, they are nervous, quiet and timid
You people want no part to be played by the staff of this club, so for this example they have no part
Waac player notices new player
Waac player offers new player game
New player being eager and keen to play accepts
Waac player chooses a 6x4 board and sets up terrain to be in his favour because no staff were involved to do it BEFORE the club opens
New player being timid and inexperienced accepts how his superior sets the board
Players deploy
New player has a black reach + battleforce army (a generally accepted starting point)
Experienced player has purifier spam lust (a generally accepted power list)
The game begins
New player is slow to act, shows inexperienced tactics and choices and generally acts like a new player
Waac player exploits RAW to its fullest extent, exploits his list to its fullest extent and within a few turns wins
New player feels disheartened, confused and sad
Waac player...well does what they do best, gloats, boasts and acts like a cock
New player never returns, never buys more models and takes no part in wargaming
The staff taking no active role (as per certain posters obvious wishes and selfish beliefs) are oblivious to what has happened and never deal with the problem
Club fails.

BUT....at least we know, the waac player, was the actual victim in all of this.
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