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I haven't once mentioned cheaters, although I dislike waac players it does not automatically equal a Cheater.

I also do not understand the extremely negative views on a simple system to try and improve the gaming experience for everyone in a club, it is a simple idea (that can certainly be extended on in greater detail), that requires work from somebody willing to put the time and effort in to help make the experience better for everyone not just themselves.

From certain peoples posts here I can only assume you play in extremely selfish, close minded communities, but just because you are burdened with that doesn't mean you should shoot down a persons idea to help.

In the end you want
1: ease of access (will it be easy to find, park near, and travel to via public transport at an affordable price)
2: surroundings (what shops would be close, what amenities are available,is the area "safe")
3: flexibility (how flexible is the club going to be to cater to gaming needs further that the 2 basics)
4: terrain (you want enough space for I would say at least 10 6x4 boards, and enough terrain to fill 30% of each, even if 30% is not used by players)
5: staff (will you have enough staff with the will to get involved, will there be a first aider?, someone to help in case of fire?, people to organise the tables before gamers arrive, people to help organize the games?, people to look after and guide new and experiences gamers?)
6: and what is the price (entry fee, food etc)

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