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A few thoughts.

1. Your Heralds are illegal as you've given two of them 4 items and 3 is the maximum.

2. Tzeentch Daemon Princes never purchase Iron Hide ... ever. They get buffed to a 4++, so a 3+ for xpts is a waste.

3. A small squad of sceamers would probably be usefull at the points level to help you deal with the inevitable Land Raiders.

4. Tzeentch Princes are better with Wings because they can be moved so that they hit the side and rear of vehicles, plus at higer points levels when you can afford it, wings are standard fair for Princes that they might as well be mandatory.

5. Your probably have too many troops, 3 squads of nine should be enough.

6. Flamers are better in suicide squads, two squads of three being dropped right ontop of an Elite unit would be better.

7. Chaos Daemon players never buy icons except for Wound Allocation purposes on Bloodcrushers.

8. Not a bad first draft though.
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