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Your DPs donīt need wings as they are better at shooting than assaulting anyway. With a Tzeentch list you need lots of Bolts to pop tanks and lots and lots of Horrors to Shoot at what comes out of them. 2 Icons is at least one to much I would say 2 to much. Tzeentch have range and have a bigger safty zon to DS into. Your best shooting in Tzeentch are DPs and therefor should be filled to the brim with both bolt and Daemonic gaze to maxout on their BS 5. Flamers are great when they work but are a one trick pony that tend to die in just one round. I rarly use them becasuse of this and would consider taking more 2x 5 Horrors with bolt instead as you really need warpfire S 4 AP 3 shots (and more bolts) as they are 4++ to hit most of the time.
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