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Thanks again for all the nice comments!
Gotta appologize for lack of work done lately, haven't really had the time/motivation at the right time.
There is a tournament coming up in less than 2 weeks though, and this time I want to win the "best painted model" award. Theres motivation for ya. As for what model to paint, I have been thinking of a twc wolf lord conversion for quite some time. I listened to "thunder from fenris" and realised that the marines were fightning beside their wolves, not always on top of them. Got the ideas rolling, and when the plastic thunderwolves came out I just knew I had to make one.
Here is where I am at. Quite close to finished but have some touchups to do, like repairing the shoulder. I am no expert with green stuff, but I attempted to make a mountain/rock for the wolf to stand on (now no one can complain on lack of hight). It will have basing materials on top, but the sides may stay as they are.

And a picture of some fenrisians (who promptly finished of a 1 wound trygon after the battleleader failed to finish it), just to show what kind of basing material I will use:

All C&C is welcome. This will be a centrepiece for my army so I got to make sure it looks good (better than the canis model at least...).
Also, what colour should the wolf be? The lord is going to be painted codex grey into fortress grey with some subtle purple and blue washes in the resecces to bring out some blue tones in the grey. The base is bone/brown and the rock is... brown. I have been thinking white, but am open for suggestions!

Untill next time

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