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Default Back after 20+ years

So some similarly aged friends recently took up WFB and I decided to follow suit... mainly to see how much I still enjoyed painting. A long time ago I played 3rd edition WFB (Slaan) and 1st edition W40K (Eldar). My Slaan army is still relatively intact and sleeping in the attic - I never did get around to finish painting it before GW binned them. I only kept a few of my favourite 40K miniatures but I do have a fairly random selection of Citadel, Ral Partha and Grenadier miniatures spanning the early 80's - early 90's. Many are unpainted so lots of opportunities to practice.

Right now I'm really toying with what army to start collecting and buying for some friendly WFB games in the summer. I'm leaning towards DE's but would definitely want to try and break away from the black'n'purple cliche.

While I ruminate on this further... here is the general from my Slaan army probably painted around 1988 and recently retrieved from his slumber.

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