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So more of a detail update today as I'm getting closer to being finished painting this turkey.

I wanted to add some heraldry to the Storm Raven and I decided to emulate the heraldry I had done on my Grey Knights many a moon ago but I wanted it be a bit cleaner. So I actually used some tricks to make sure I got good straight and clean lines on the heraldry.

What did I use to accomplish it? Simple: Painter tape!

I designed the pattern in Photoshop and then broke it down into the 3 major parts:
The Red field
The Black Box field
The White field

Then I printed out the parts, laid them over some painters tape and cut the tape as needed. I then used it mask out each part of the design as I went. First the red field, then the black field and finally the white field. Once I painted the color in question I pulled off the tape. The effort was about 90-ish percent successful and only needed some minor clean up along the way.

I painted similar coloring on the sides of the turret cannons. I'm debating whether I want to paint the heraldy else where on the craft and if so, how it's to be painted. Well, we'll see.

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