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Default Necron Pylon- Bring it or not?

The local FLGS is having their monthly Apocalypse bring and play this Saturday. Basically, you can bring 2k of anything, BUT troop choices get awarded more points for holding objectives (to encourage people not to get all beardy/cheesey). There's also a limit of (usually) one superheavy per player.

Through luck and skill, I've acquired a FW Necron Pylon for my metal ladz, and was thinking of bringing it. The last few times, one Eldar player brings 2-3 Flyers, and they tend to make a mess of most ground-based forces. The joy of the Pylon is that it's an AA weapon with strength-D shots; understandably nasty. BUT, most of the other players don't bring superheavies, and simply bring more stuff from their "basic" codexes.

Now my question; Do I still bring the Pylon, and rain green glowing goodness on the table, or do I simply bring 2000 points of "basic" nasty Necrony goodness?

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