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And my next update for painting:

Before I get too far though I need to apologize. I did paint the servitor and the control console for the turret and I had pics of it before I attached the canopy and shield. Where those pics are now I have no clue. If I can find them I will post them.

Anyway, moving along.

As you can see I've got the boltgun metal base coat down. I got a little inventive and used a make shift wet pallet to paint this bird. For those that don't know what wet pallet is, it's basically a layer of parchment paper on top of a sponge of some form in a bowl. You put water in the bowl and the sponge absorbs it and then you use the top of the parchment paper like you would a painting tile. The water can travel through the paper via osmosis (holy crap I remembered some biology!) and keep the paint wet but the paint can't soak through the parchment paper. It has made a world of difference in painting especially with the larger area of bolt gun metal. It was really nice to be able to use paint for 2 hours with out needing to refresh my ready supply because it had dried up on the tile.

The base I ordered from Dragon Forge Studios came in the other day. I wasted no time in cleaning it, priming it, and getting some paint on it so I can mount the flight stand on it. I do so enjoy Dragon Forge's work. Anyway, I got the Slate wasteland base and painted it up in martian red. I don't know why, but I've always just loved the look of Grey Knights against a red land scape.

When I build the Storm Raven I wanted to make the forward turret weapons switchable so I wouldn't be locked into using Multi-meltas, or heavy bolters or whatever. in order to magnetize the typhoon launchers I passed a length of steel rod through the piece but I was just a bit off center and it almost came through the front of the missile plate.

The good news is now that's it's primed black you can't see that almost-fubar! YEAH!

Here are the Heavy multi-meltas...

and the Heavy bolters

On the GW site, the Storm Raven's pictured there have flat black engines. I gotta be honest... I'm not so keen on that look. I mean the engines already look like something from Cybertron, now we're just going to make them look like cartoon engines by making then jet black? yeah... not on my bird. I'm taking a different approach. First I based the engines in boltgun metal. Once that was dry I went back with a half dozen coats of Badab black. I wanted to take the color waaaaay down on it. To give it more of a metallic black looking. Make it look like the engines actually do something.

Tomorrow I'm going to come back and dry bush it up with boltgun and then high light with Mithral. We'll see how that works out.

Oh and just because I can, I took a picture of my growing 40k Air force:

Just to show that my Storm Raven won't be lonely on the shelf ;)

I think my next review is actually going to be the Chapter House add on parts for the storm raven. I don't yet. Have to think about it.

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