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So now that the Storm Raven has been mostly built I move on to painting. I will warn all of you: I am a very slow painter so I will be doing this in small, and hopefully frequent updates.

So first up: The Cockpit and pilot.

In hind sight, with my intention to paint the pilot and control consoles I should have left the pilot's torso, arms and forward console separate from the rest of the cockpit. Leaving the pilot out would have allowed me better access to the back of the cockpit and the rest of the controls. I should have thought ahead more when I built it. Oh well. Live and learn. That little fubar aside I have to say the cockpit lights very well with only a little bit of paint. I actually tried my hand at blending on a couple of the displays. Annoyingly I can't get my camera at the right angle to get pics of those effort.

One of the really cool parts of the model is the targeting reticule. As I previously mentioned the display for it is caste in the clear crystal plastic. I added some color to it by painting the center reticule red. It took me a good 5 coats of Baal red to do it.

I do have to mention that the addition of the targeting reticule only helps to reinforce my view that the Storm Raven model was intended as an attack craft rather than a transport.

Curious problem I ran into when I went to attach the cockpit shield to the body: It doesn't fit. I had to clamp it down, and hard, in order to let the glue set. I don't know if I built the pilot wrong, or if the piece got warped somewhere, or what. But that shield did not want to go on properly. Major disappointment for the model.

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