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Well, they do have regeneration... :D

I'm sorta going from the description in the book. Their ability to recover the most horrific wounds in an instant because the ghouls drank vampiric blood.

But those growth spurts and regeneration does leave them horribly deformed... Reading the armybook, there is plenty of reasons to have the models covered in blood. It's a vampire thing after all! :D

As a sidenote, I'm going for a rather "fresh" blood look to offset the cold blue-grey skintone as well. From a colourchoice point of view, I'm going for sharp contrasts in this army to make the models stand out a lot more.

A displaypiece will be made for this army in the long run. Mainly because it's an army on parade attempt. I want the models to be as eye-catching as possible to make them very different from the surrounding scenery (wich will already include lots of grey-browns, as it'll most likely be a graveyard with a temple of Morr).
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