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Swarmlord and posy move towards the Chaos objective. Gaunts at the nid objective pass instinctive behaviour and celebrate by standing still. The brand new rippers begin moving towards the prince.
haha that's instinctive behavior at it's finest. Silly rule.

also, posy is spelt: "Posse" .. NOW YOU KNOW! ;D

but getting hit back by only three measly gaunts caused his death
wow, the spawned termagaunts killed his HQ. Tervigons kick ass!

and when the demon prince won combat and consolidated, did you roll for that consolidation move? It's on a D6, not just a full 6".

no rush though, it's not like there's a deadline to posting the rest of the report. Batreps are a lot easier to write (in my opinion) when you have a pic-heavy report, since the images do the talking and you just add a brief description of what's shooting what. You can also take pics of the dead pile and (possibly) their army, so you don't have to include the list write-up, though Some armies would need the text list for upgrades purposes. Tyranids would probably be okay, though. Just some quick dot jots, like: "the tervigon has this and that, and the trygon is using adrenal glands" would be all you need.

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