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So I had the battle and my opponent completely white washed me. He brought with him a mouth of sauron and the betrayer.

Radagast quickly fell to the combined team of the mouth and the betrayer, unable to hold them off as his will was depleted rather quickly.

Elsewhere my dwarves just got shot to pieces by the Haradrim bows and then swamped by the orc numbers with their high number of supporting attacks from spears.

In total the game lasted about 11 turns as my army was wiped out to a man who then failed his courage test and ran from the field.

It really was a silly game that became a major rout in a small amount of time, I have agreed to a rematch and the points are going to stay the same. I think i'll leave Radagast at home this time and use the points to get more bodies on the field.

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