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Default [Vampire Counts] Ghoulkin Army

Hey folks.

Since I managed to finish my 2k Skaven, I decided to start another army and the decision became Vampire counts. Now after painting millions of clanrats and slaves, I wasn't going to aim for another horde army in WHFB, so my eyes turned to the ghouls and their twisted kin for this army.

Vampire counts can be considered the "wet undead" so blood and gore is going to feature heavily on these models. I also plan to do a little more work on the bases of these models, and having read the armybook, it seems these ghoulkin armies tend to flock around mausoleums and crypts, so I'll be theming their bases to that.

I just purchased this box yesterday, but I have been having such a blast with these new WHFB kits, that one ghoul is almost finished as the tester model:

Hope you like it and feel free to comment with feedback. This army is going to be build and painted a lot more slowly then usual, also because I plan to make this on my entry for armies on parade for next year...

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