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@ Midnight
Cheers mate, yeah he was really stunned at the deployment. And both of us were stunned at how the first turn went.

So where we left off:
  • Both armies have one objective each
  • Nids have lost 1 tyrant guard and 10 gargoyles but have gained 6 ripper swarm bases (3 in each brood)
  • Chaos have lost a landraider and 3 berserkers

TURN 2 (Start of the turn ‘Tyr’ 1 – 1 ‘CSM’)
The turn begins with me eating a slice of pizza and rolling off for the reserves, both the doom and deathleaper are ready to join (result!). The doom finds itself in the middle of the chaos objective, right next to the obliterators and CSM squad and the pod right next to the CSM rhino tank (contesting the objective). Deathleaper deploys just behind the tervigon, keeping himself out of harms way for the moment (prince still not in combat so could be dangerous going to help out the parasite and the Chaos objective now looks a little crowded ).
Movement begins with the tervigon spawning 10 termgaunts (no doubles). He also casts Catalyst on the gaunts. Everything in the center moves forward to take the objective (now 2 -0). Swarmlord and posy move towards the Chaos objective. Gaunts at the nid objective pass instinctive behaviour and celebrate by standing still. The brand new rippers begin moving towards the prince.
Shooting. T-fex blows off the battlecannon on the defiler, gaunts fire at Kharn on foot and cause a wound. With the posy still out of range Swarmlord runs with his gang 5” (swarmlord) and 3” (OOE and Venom). And now the doom, absorbing 3 wounds off the CSM and 1 off the obliterators gave him a strength of 8. He then promptly blew up the obliterators (instant death), taking 2 wounds but gaining 3, having a total of 9 wounds. The pod swipes at the rhino but just causes a shaken result. The Cluster spines scatter off the board.
Assault. All 6 Ripper swarms charge into the prince, who stuns everyone by instantly killing 4 bases (being strength 6). The two remaining bases failed to wound, discussing in depth about how fearless works in this case as he technically only caused 4 wounds but killed 4 bases with 3 wounds each (total of 12), we rolled a dice to decide their fate. It seemed this was an unlucky turn for the rippers as the dice decided they took 12 wounds, killing them both. The prince, excited about his awesome killiness, consolidated towards the centre 6”. The parasite was able to cause another 2 deaths, the Berserkers decide to target their attacks on the parasite, killing him easily and preventing anymore rippers appearing. With the loss of their leader suddenly the gargoyles weren’t looking so hot and attempted to flee, but were caught by the nasty berserkers. Only 5 berserkers remaining though.

Chaos also got both of his reserves, the terms deepstriking right next to the T-Fex and the chosen, decided by the dice, came on next to the swarmlord (“Mha ha ha, taste my Melta guns”).
Moving started with the rhino moving next to the tervi and unloading the plagues behind it. It then promptly deployed smoke launchers (now contesting the objective). Kharn charged fowards to end up next to the plagues and the defiler moved around the objective towards the T-fex. The prince (having been revealed have been waiting for stealers to appear, hence not joining the battle) flew towards the centre. The berserkers, now free, charge towards the termagaunts.
Shooting, all hell breaks loose. Terminators fire everything at the T-fex, reducing it to 3 wounds, Defiler with Havoc launchers and reaper take off another wound. The plagues and kharn can’t shoot due to the rhino. CSM fire all they can at the Doom, causing 4 wounds (down to 5). The chosen fire everything at the swarmlord, taking out his other Tyrant guard and even taking a wound off the swarmlord himself.
Assault, well, we decided that kharn could just get to the termagaunts so charged headlong...and interesting result. Killing four gaunts was easy for the betrayer...but getting hit back by only three measly gaunts caused his death (down to two remember due to shooting) :O Cursing the blood god my opponent ended his turn.

So Turn 2 Summary:
Total Losses:
  • Nids have lost 2 tyrant guard, 15 gargoyles, Parasite, 6 Ripper swarms and 4 Gaunts
  • Chaos have lost a landraider, 5 berserkers, Kharn, Obliterators

Left on the board:
  • Nids have 20 Termagaunts (at objective), 6 Termagaunts (in centre), Doom, Deathleaper, Swarmlord, OOE, Venom, Tervigon, T-fex (2 wounds)
  • Chaos have Daemon prince, Chosen, Terminators, 8 Plagues, 7 CSM, 5 Berserksers, Damaged Defiler

Score is now Nids 1 -0 Chaos

I'm so sorry, it is still taking me forever to write and real life is keeping me away from the fun stuff I promise I will have this done soon.
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