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Bolter Porn time :D

1,100 words, not including title.

Victory or Death

The Imperial trenches were almost overrun, but Battle-Brother Felix felt no fear or concern. He was still too busy killing greenskins.

His bolter was set to single-shot, and his last five rounds were profitably spent. Five mass-reactive shells were sent into the heads of five different Orks. One somehow survived, ready to fight on despite losing an eye and a quarter of its skull, only to be decapitated outright as Felix switched to his Brennic Psi-Sword.

But another group of Orks quickly appeared to replace the ones the Space Marine had slain. Without hesitation, Felix charged them and began hacking away at the fresh mob. They stood little chance before his fury. Hearts were pierced. Spines were severed. Arms, legs, and heads were lopped off.

Felix simply would not stop. He could not until victory was achieved. And he knew that the only way to defeat the relentless greenskins was complete and utter annihilation: Kill them all and burn the bodies until nothing was left but ash.

Even more Orks suddenly appeared behind him, intent on putting an end to his stubborn defiance. Felix ignored them and continued hacking away at his current targets, for the auspex revealed that he was no longer fighting alone. The Imperial Guard had finally found its backbone.

Led by a red-haired Commissar, two platoons of Akkadian infantry joined the fray and enveloped the fresh mob of xenos foes. Despite having only lasguns and bayonets, the Akkadians gave their all and slaughtered the remaining Orks. Felix raised his sword to salute them once the last of the enemy was dead.

"The Emperor Protects!" Felix shouted.

"And the Omnissiah watches over us!" replied the Commissar, familiar with the standard greeting of Felix's Chapter. The Astartes smiled under his helmet, briefly wondering about the Commissar's background and education, but he knew that there were more pressing matters at hand.

"More Orks will come," Felix said simply, "We must restore the defensive readiness of this sector immediately."

"My apologies, but we must withdraw," the Commissar countered firmly, "Army command has already given the order. All units must fall back to the landing zone."

Felix shook his head, "We have a full company of reinforcements enroute. A hundred Steel Wardens, with heavy armor and air support. My squad was sent here to ensure the Imperial positions were held until they arrived."

The Commissar sighed, as though preparing to argue with the Space Marine, but someone else spoke before he could begin.

"Incoming!" shouted one of the Akkadian troopers, before his head was taken off by a shoota round. Felix muttered a curse as he peered over the trench. The endless horde had found them again.

This was a much larger mob than the ones they had already destroyed. At least five hundred strong, with light vehicle support. The Akkadian troopers were already shooting, but they were outnumbered over ten to one, and their lasguns infamously lacked enough killing power to reliably kill greenskins with one shot.

For a brief moment, Felix allowed his mind to experience disquiet. The Estimates for this Quest had proven completely inaccurate. The Pontius Team was supposed to observe and inspect the Imperial lines in preparation for 2nd Company’s arrival in two months. Instead, they found themselves in the midst of a desperate fight as the Orks launched their grand offensive earlier and more fiercely than expected. Felix didn’t even know if any of his squad mates were still alive, as he was separated from them early during the fight.

Gripping his sword, he reminded himself that none of this mattered. He was a Space Marine. There was only victory, or death.

Before the Akkadians could stop him, Felix clambered over the top of the trench. Discarding his empty bolt gun, he raised his sword and shouted the war cry of his home world.

“Vae Victis!”

To his surprise, the Orks seemed dumbfounded by his foolhardy bravery. They recoiled in terror as he ran towards them with his sword drawn. Five hundred Orks were seemingly afraid of a single Astartes.

Even brave Battle-Brother Felix knew that this was impossible. Orks did not scare easily. A moment later, he understood why.

“You’re supposed to be dead,” a voice noted dryly over the vox. Smirking, Felix stopped in his tracks and jumped down the nearest crater. He made it just in time.

Flying low overhead, a Thunderhawk gunship unleashed its fury on the Orkish horde. Heavy cannon shells and dazzling beams of light struck the enemy formation, shredding dozens of greenskins to pieces. Among the dead was their warlord, whose death started a precipitous flight.

It was over in less than two minutes. Nearly half of the enemy force was destroyed before the rest managed to escape. Felix ran towards Thunderhawk as it landed, grasping the hand of the first Warden to emerge from the front ramp.

“It is good to see you sir,” Felix said warmly, “I may be hard to kill, but I was definitely stretching the Estimates before you intervened.”

Brother-Sergeant Pontius seemed relieved to find his last missing trooper, but grew concerned as he noticed the Akkadians cheering in the trenches.

“We must leave. Immediately,” said Pontius, dragging Felix up the ramp.

“Leave?” Felix asked, surprised.

“This world is lost,” Pontius said over the secure vox, “The Inquisition has initiated Protocol Omega. It begins in ten minutes.”

“Sir, we cannot leave the Akkadians!” Felix answered automatically, though at least having the sense not to broadcast his reply for all to hear, “They fought bravely and aided me. I owe them my life.”

“We cannot carry them all,” Pontius pointed out, “And we do not have time for them to draw lots.”

“But sir…” Felix started, before catching the look in his Sergeant’s eye. Pontius didn’t want to leave the Akkadians either, but it was clear that he was already grossly violating their orders by coming to rescue Felix. The Logis had undoubtedly already censured him for risking an entire squad to save one Marine.

“… Give me a moment to say farewell,” Felix decided instead. Pontius stared at him grimly, but nodded his consent.

Turning to face the Akkadians, Felix saluted sharply. The Guardsmen – their Commissar included – were caught off guard, but quickly returned the gesture.

“We must leave to reinforce another sector,” Felix told them, his voice amplified by his helmet, “But other Steel Wardens will soon relieve you. Hold this position until they arrive.”

The Commissar nodded, before saying, “I never got to ask your name.”

Felix never answered, so bitter was this "victory".

Instead, he turned to board the Thunderhawk.

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