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Having a minotaur army, I'd kill for the LoG.
keep in mind, Command does not count for LOS. So that's 6 rnf you need (with command) and any extra wounds. Hell, risking the wounds on a BSB, slaughtermaster, butcher etc for the cost of 5 points is far too hairy.
I've watched two ogre armies chewed up by lack of LOS after ONE ogre died (5 rnf) and the hell cannons went to town on the unit (s).

for my doombull, in gun-artillery heavy enviroments, It's incredibly expensive to get 5 rnf modles. Think of what 5 points can save you.

It's like the ironcurse Icon...but better.
And for ogres, you can add that to core. which is nice. Not huge, but nice.

Fury, Gore and Ruin

-Beastmen 72-4-13
- Druchii 15-1-7 (rip)
- Rusted Ruin; WoC 25-3-8
- Chaos Dwarves: TBD
- Ogres: ?
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