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Originally Posted by Unknown Primarch View Post
guilleman is known to be the best military mind out of the primarchs
Is he? Where did you come to that conclusion?

Originally Posted by Unknown Primarch View Post
horus wasnt loved by all the primarchs so choosing him seems counterproductive seeing as quite a few primarchs were thinking wtf.
The only Primarch that seemed to maintain a frosty relationship with Horus was Corax. Even the fringe Primarchs such as Mortarion, Alpharius and Perturabo were generally only close with Horus, whilst Horus maintained strong relationships with every other Primarch (bar Corax).

Originally Posted by Unknown Primarch View Post
id like to see abit more as to why sanguinius wasnt chosen, for me he seems to command respect throughout between the primarchs and to be honest sort of has that awe about him to be the scion of the emperor. oh and considering that even horus thought that sanguinius seemed to embody everything that the emperor was, its a interesting question to be answered abit than with a brief comment that he was 'too etherel' dont you think?!
I think the passing comment in Know No Fear serves it's purpose. Horus gained the title because of his charisma and passion, his good relationships and unanimously positive reputation, his unique bond with the Emperor, and his apparent emodiment of the Emperor's ambition. Also take into account that Horus had taken overall strategic command of the Great Crusade several times before the Ullanor Crusade and his appointment as Warmaster, perhaps suggesting that it had been the Emperor's intention to promote Horus to Warmaster all along.

Guilliman on the other hand had an unparalleled analytical mind, but not the charisma, ambition or reputation that Horus had. He also had the heavy responsibility of maintaining a semi-independent frontier empire. Guilliman's relationships amongst the Primarch brotherhood were also not as positive - Alpharius and Lorgar were certainly not keen on the Lord of Ultramar, and many others thought of him as arrogant and aloof. Would Guilliman have been able to command the loyalty and respect of Angron or Mortarion for example? Unlikely. But Horus did.

Similarly Saguinius did not fit the bill; he was not ambitious enough, not as passionate or as charismatic as Horus. KNF says it perfectly by claiming he was "too ethereal." He was widely respected and appreciated but I don't think that would have transferred perfectly into rulership. Sanguinius (like any other potential Primarch) would have relied too heavily on Horus in order to maintain their own authority as Warmaster.

Horus was the only logical choice for Warmaster.

Originally Posted by cegorach View Post
I do love how we don't even need CotE to comment anymore, chances are he has already said something intelligent before that can be re-applied to the current situation.
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