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Originally Posted by Child-of-the-Emperor View Post
Guilliman wasn't not selected as Warmaster because of his personality, thats way off the mark. It's quite simply because Horus was the much more suitable candidate.
i dont see how horus was the more suitable candidate really. guilleman is known to be the best military mind out of the primarchs and seeing what he did with ultramar was definatly the best guy to build a galactic empire as close to what the emperor envisaged. horus wasnt loved by all the primarchs so choosing him seems counterproductive seeing as quite a few primarchs were thinking wtf. id like to see abit more as to why sanguinius wasnt chosen, for me he seems to command respect throughout between the primarchs and to be honest sort of has that awe about him to be the scion of the emperor. oh and considering that even horus thought that sanguinius seemed to embody everything that the emperor was, its a interesting question to be answered abit than with a brief comment that he was 'too etherel' dont you think?!

if i dont see the world the same as you how come you expect me to see a whole galaxy spanning empire the same as you do then?!
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