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The Gods Know Best

Word count 1028

Sit, sit children and let me tell you the story of our heritage for it is a rich one, filled with battles before we were awakened to the true masters, how our culture is shaped by being loyal to the mighty warriors, some of whom you young men will soon join the ranks off when the time of choosing comes once more.

No Answar, questions will be answered at the end so sit and listen. Now there was a time when we followed the words of one who was the supreme being, those who brought us into the light told us that he was to be adored above all other. For my children what other being other than a god could truly be divine?

However, there were those who did not agree with this speculation and sought to hound our masters into submission and do as they had been ordered to do by the very god they revered. For their own father was a son of this god. The master discovered that there were other gods, other beings far more worthy of praise and sacrifice then this man in gold and so, conferring with those he called brother did he bring about the great cleansing.

Those that believed what he had spoke off took the great jihad to those who did not, it was only through the death of the mighty Warmaster that these infidels achieved a small victory, but my children there is always setbacks, and in this setback our great master achieved his victory. They came to rest on our world, already set in the ways that the master had lain down and taught us that all they had been led to believe was a lie.

The master himself told us that we would be awakened to the new dawn and, so when the infidels chased our masters to this world, we freely laid down our lives for the master, so much so that, in honour and recognition of our supreme defence and sacrifice against the demons in blue armour, he took our strongest sons and daughters to serve in his army.

No Casala the daughters cannot be warriors in his legion but, they served in other ways, upon his vessels, as hand maidens to the great overlords and every ten cycles they return for more warriors and this, this is what we gladly give them. We of Scarthara will continue to fight for our master, for now the gods have truly blessed us by making our master a prince of princes.
When the Black Cardinal last set foot upon our world he told us that the master had gone. Oh how we had wept to hear such news and yet he raised his hands and told us that our master, our father and the chosen son of the gods had ascended to his rightful place.

He had become one with the gods and how we celebrated, how our hearts lifted to hear the news that our father had become that which he so richly deserved. For our ancestors came from another world, a world that had been dear to the hearts of all who serve in that mighty legion, we had followed our prophets who had told us that we must make a new home, a new place for the mighty warriors to settle should the time come.

This is why, my children, this is why we hold such an honoured place within the sons of the word, for we are the last of Colchis. We are the last remnants of a world long dead to them; yes my children weep for the news, hold each other and know that your sadness touches the mighty Lord Sal Ragorth who sits in custodianship of our world. This is why we are chosen to provide new blood for the Legion; this is why we will always be children of the word. Perhaps Lord Sal Ragorth will come when the time of choosing arrives, from his palace upon the Mountains of Mourn and join in the choosing.

Perhaps he will come to speak with you himself, but for now it is my job to tell you off our master. Prince Lorgar, and speak his name with great respect children, do not doubt that he can hear you for he hears all, as only a young god can. He will return as he has so long promised to deliver us from this madness that has engulfed the stars beyond the stars, that like us, all of humankind will rule the universe with help from the gods and the other faithful sons of the gods, they will cast down the disbelievers and, when the final battle comes they shall stand together, side by side, brothers and cousins in arms as they once had been.

Old debts will be settled, old hatreds will be renewed and ended when the sons of the gods march in all their glory upon the world that was once called Terra and now called Holy Terra by those hypocrites who once chastised our master for the one thing that they now do. Remember children that our master was punished for daring to call his father a god, and now they worship him as one; such hypocrisy is the creed that we nearly embraced.
When you sleep tonight remember that we are safe in the hands of the gods, and safe with the eyes of Lorgar, lord of all that is true and right in the world. There are none that can touch us, now, say your prayers to the gods and one to the master.

Slowley, like a great predator the strike cruiser approached the world of Scarthara, its batteries primed for attack, the gunmetal grey of the strike cruiser would have made other worlds shudder and perhaps the people here would have done had they the chance. The Grey Knights had come to enact the Emperors Justice and there would be no escape and no surrender, a world of demon loving humans was an affront to the laws of the Emperor. Annihilation was theirs to deliver and deliver it they would.
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