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Originally Posted by dragonadam View Post
This sounds really awesome. What's the entire army list going to be?

HQ: Captain Tycho (probably Death Company version)
* He is here for his Special Issue Ammo choices.

Death Company:
x24 Death Company w/ Bolter & Chainsword
x1 Death Company w/ Bolter & Power Weapon

x5 Death Company Dreadnought
w/ Blood Talons (Melta Gun / Heavy Flamer) & Magna Grapples
+ Drop Pod

x3 Dreadnought w/ x2 Twin Autocannons

x3 Furioso Librarians
(All w/ Wings of Sang -
1 w/ Sanguine Sword, Unleash Rage, Might of Heroes)

2500 on the nose =D

And now, MORE WORK!

Here is the Scupt WIP pics for the "Tech Magos" - which is also the HQ.

I decided to do the "Dead Mans Hand" powerfist a little differently - so here I have the power arcing from thumb and fingers.

And here are the Digital Weapons

AdMech logo, on the underside of the hand.
Because I care.

Instead of doing a Combi-Melta, I decided to do a Servo-Harness kind of thing w/ a Bolter and Melta.

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