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Default "Adeptus Mechanicus" (Blood Angels)

Let me start with, I am a huge fan of Dreadnoughts. They are fantastic units in my opinion, and are great benefits to the armies they have been joined with.

And then, the dream came true and the Blood Angels had allowed Dreads as a TROOP CHOICE!

So, I immediately set forth the pen and paper, to build myself a list. My friends and I all play 2500 point games, so came up w/ a 11 Dread, 2500 point list.

It was a challenge, but dang it was fun. So now, I have a list.

Then I got a bit of help - and started with this!

First things first: Had to make some Servitor heads (I feel an apt replacement for Death Company. Mindlessly walking towards the nearest target and gun it down.) List calls for them to trade in their pistol for proper Bolters. (why will be explained later)

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