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Default 500 Dwarf warband

So with the new books release I have decided to try and make my old dwarfs army mesh with the new rules.

Warband 1
King w/Two-Handed weapon - 80
x5 Khazard guard - 55
x4 Dwarfs w/x3 bows, x1 banner - 65

Warband 2
Captain w/Shield - 70
x9 Dwarfs w/x4 shields, x3 bows, x2 Two-Handed weapon - 79

Warband 3
Radagast the brown - 150

Thoughts: Radagast will help stop powerful heroes with immobilise, renew my wounded heroes and also help stop cavalry out manoeuvring me. The banner is much needed IMO, as dwarfs suffer from no spear support and I also do not want to auto lose the silly banner mission.

Bows are for obvious reasons and I prefer Khazard guard due to the bodyguard rule. A few shields and two-handed weapons sprinkled through the force with help with winning combats and killing high defence enemies.

C&C is most welcome

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