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Default Ratvan constructs a magne-sphinx

Ok so since CGall10 has thrown down the gauntlet and put up a decent WIP shot of his Orks I decided that I'd stick up some WIP of my own.

So far I have assembled the Sphinx as well as inserting magnets into the Howdah, Back, Wings, Neck Joint and both Head and Torso options. Before you magnetize any model, make absolutely 110% sure that you are insert the magnets with the correct polarity (its a pain in the arse to dig one of the little 2mm x 1mm diameter magnets out of a model without enlarging the hole)

I have also under coated the mini in Army Painter Platemail Metal Coloured Primer

So first is the Khremian Warsphinx (minus crew) that I'm actually entering

And secondly the Necrosphinx option, with Warshinx options in foreground

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