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Greetings, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am a confessed Butterfly gamer completely and utterly addicted to starting a new project and then flitting off to another usually WAY before the previous is completed.

It was mentioned that my first entry will be for Orcs and Goblins and I was to paint 6 Trolls. Well I had a slight issue in the GW store today, they had none in stock (gasps of horror) it was ok as I got my fix in and decided that it was high time that I took the long awaited plunge and got my Egyptian Kicks with the Tomb Kings.

I promptly bought two Sphinx Kits and a Casket of Souls.
So my first entry will be a Magnetized Warshinx/Necrosphinx (I have a 2250 list in mind that includes a Grand total of 5 Kitties :D)

I plan on completing a Stage by Stage Assembly guide on how to convert (is it a conversion?) the Kit as interchangeable and obviously paint the beautiful model to the best of my abilities (if we're being fussy its probably around 6 models if I count the crew and the second sphinx option)

So yes thats me, and apologies to any O&G fans out there that were looking forward to both WHFB and 40K Orcs/Orks, I'm sure that CGall10 will do a good job with lots of Green.

Ok so my entry

Khremian Warsphinx - 230 points
- Fiery Roar

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