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Originally Posted by GrimzagGorwazza View Post
NIce work so far and with a tricky colour scheme to master. Hope to see more updates soon.

Also it might be worth asking a mod to move this into the project logs board.
Im sorry i didnt notice the other comments ,as for the land raider it was mostly a tester to see wht i could and couldnt do but its still in a work in progress but thanks for the advice!!
once my doors come in ill get to adding the final detail, hopefully to a good standard!

and sorry about the dozer at the time i only had a certain set of colors but ill make sure to get some brown and redo it, and fluff wise, im not too knowlegable sorry i wished i would have known that before lol ill see wht i can do

Originally Posted by Dave T Hobbit View Post
Looking good so far.

I like the rust streaks from the bolts.

thank you very much for the move sir and im glad you like the rust. Im going to attempt a feel more details before im completly done, one probably being better rust.

Originally Posted by Melikor40k View Post
10,000 points? thats alot of fists! looking forward to it great work so far
why thank you sir, im glad you like them hopefully ill have more pictures for you to enjoy soon! Untill then ill post more of my older pictures.

Originally Posted by Marius_Ruberu View Post
I am at work currently so I canít see any of the pics. But as soon as I get home I am looking forward to seeing these. I too have a large Imperial Fists army, and am hoping to learn something new since all the comments so far a positive.
Well lets hope the wait is worth it, i hope you like them as well. How large of and army do you have? and anything inperticular you would like to learn? i myself am a new painter but i can pass down information i have been given! cheers!

Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
Impressive work so far. Liking your skin tones and the very even and smooth yellow. I will agree with Grimzag though. The moon on the dozer blade looks like a chocolate chip cookie.(Not that there's anything wrong with choc chip cookies. Quite the opposite, in fact)
haha yes gotta love chocolate chip cookies! may have to go get one now
and im glad you like my work, hopefully ill continue to do a good job and keep you interested! cheers!

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